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I began my culinary journey in my late teens as a means of traveling + sailing.  After a culinary vacation in France - I quickly fell in love with the thrill of cooking dinners for 20 friends in my tiny studio.  I also knew at some point that I would pursue cooking professionally.  So I did the next best thing: I raised two children, ran two homes, returned to Miami after living for years in the northeast and finally began studying culinary arts at Miami Culinary Institute, a division of Miami Dade College.  Before graduating, my career took off – I began cooking for a high net-worth family, thus opening the doors to becoming a true professional private chef – I have never looked back. After opening the doors to gbCatering I found that cooking for the corporate world and private sector are two different ways of cooking.  I love doing both.  


As a skilled and talented private chef, I know the key to a healthy life is through a delicious and nutritious diet.  That being said, I prepare and serve meals for families of all ages while seamlessly morphing into the household, as well - cook and deliver meals for corporate clients, plan and prepare parties and events.   


I bring my passion, dedication and zest for food to your table.  I am always striving to create an individualized eating experience that is both refined yet unexpected for my clients to enjoy.  Constantly evolving and changing, my cuisine is inspired through dining out, reading, education and travel.  My cuisine highlights the best of locally sourced, seasonal produce, with great emphasis on proper techniques, bold flavors and finesse.


The menu + meal planning (breakfast, lunch, snacks + dinner) includes adapting to todays cuisine and taste, to which I am able to prepare global cuisines such as French, Italian, Latin, Indian, Middle Eastern, Southern, Caribbean, Kosher, Spa, baking, along with desserts + salads.  I also adhere to special dietary needs such as food allergies, gluten free, diabetic, lactose free, vegetarian, gout, nut allergies, low to no salt meals and others. 

An event can be as small as a romantic dinner for two  ~  to a fifty-person bash ~ or a wedding for 150 guests.


I have cooked for clients throughout Miami, New York state, New York City, Fairfield County CT and Naples FL.  I also continue a rapport with local farmers, meat purveyors and vendors.  My kitchens are well maintained, stocked and immaculate.


After years of planning and discussions, gbCatering finally opened its doors in the summer of 2011 + would like to be your food provider at YOUR next event.

Thank you for your consideration. 

                    We look forward to planning + preparing your next meal !!!


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gail beckham

head chef

gail@gbCatering.com | 305.775.0205